Sweet Morgan
I would like to thank Dr. Silverio and his great staff at Companion Animal Hospital for trying so hard to save my dog Morgan … Read More

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Silverio and his staff. They are extremely compassionate and my Finnegan was very well taken care of while he was at the hospital. I would so much like to see the Emergency and boarding services there also. I am very satisfied with Finnegan under the care at the hospital.

Dr. Silverio Saved Dino’s Life!!!

Dino had a high fever, blood values that were above normal levels and wouldn’t eat and could not walk without pain. Dr. Silverio diagnosed Dino with severe prostatitis. His prostate was enlarged and he had a major infection. Surgery was performed and Dino stayed in the hospital for well over a week until he was healthy enough to eat and start to walk.

Dino came back to visit and pranced into Companion with his new hair cut and has gained back 5 lbs.

My name is Jill and I have a 12 year old large red golden retriever named Thunder. He has always been the best dog ever. Very loving, friendly, handsome, gentle, a true companion and friend to everyone in our family. Always so happy to see us and eager to please.

He swims in our large swimming pool several times a day and has for about eight years or so. It is very good for his hips as he is getting very old in the last few years and has hip problems and arthritis. Sometimes he falls a lot, sometimes he stops eating because he seems to be in pain, or pants at night and moves from place to place because he can’t get comfortable.

A year or more ago Dr. Harman asked if I wanted her to give him laser treatments on his hips and back. I was very, very skeptical because I couldn’t believe that something so simple and so quick could really do anything to help. I was not familiar with the procedure at all, but Dr. Harman had bought the small expensive machine to use on her own arm that had been injured and operated on.

She gave me a couple of free treatments which only took about 15 minutes, and consisted of her running this wand over each hip and back.

He enjoyed having the treatment. I would not have believed it if I didn’t see the results. It was like a miracle! My old dog was feeling better immediately. He started eating better, he didn’t fall, and he slept much better. We could all see immediate result after an additional three week series of treatments.

He will be thirteen in a month, and has really started to slow down. About every six weeks or so he starts falling again and starts feeling bad again so I take him in for just one treatment of about fifteen minutes and he is so much better. I am still amazed every time. It truly is a miracle. There have been times during the past year when I thought he was about getting ready to die, and I take him in and the treatment works.

I would be very happy to talk to anybody about my experience with Dr. Harman and the laser treatments on my dog Thunder.

Thank You So Much,

Jill and Thunder Burke and Family